Considering Oral Implant Surgery as an Alternative to Dentures

Many people find that as they grow older they start losing their teeth and that they no longer have the same full, beautiful set of teeth that they once have. For years a common solution to this problem has been getting dentures. As many people know, dentures are non-permanent solutions for those who are missing teeth and can be taken in and out of the mouth easily. When it place, dentures give the appearance of a full, natural set of teeth. While dentures do serve a purpose there are many who are looking for a more permanent solution to getting these dentures and for a better way to get the full smile they have always wanted. For these individuals there is oral implant surgery.

Oral implants are a great way to get the look of a full, beautiful mouth of teeth but, unlike dentures they are permanent. These teeth will feel and act just like your original teeth do and are ideal for any person who is looking for a durable solution that will give them the beautiful smile they have always wanted. However, before you consider this alternative to dentures, you will want to make sure that you are completely aware of what the dental implant procedure entails.

Typically with this surgery you will first have an examination performed by a dental surgeon who will take a look at your current teeth, your gum tissues and your jaw bone. They will take some measurements and some impressions and do some x-rays so they have all of the information they need to make properly sized molds for your implants that will look natural. After the molds have been made you will get your replacement teeth put in your mouth. They will be permanent and completely attached to your jaw bone. The process of your mouth and your gums accepting the teeth and the entire healing process can take several weeks, but once completed those who get the surgery can enjoy teeth that feel and act just like their original teeth did before they lost their teeth.

If you are considering this alternative to dentures then you may want to consider turning to a doctor first to find out more insight. A great place to turn is a local dental surgeon that provides free consultations for all of their interested patients. This is a free opportunity to have your mouth examined and to see what type of dental implant options you have. At this time you can also speak with the doctor in depth about your implant needs and discover if this alternative to dentures is the right solution for you.

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