Common Questions About Leaning Walls Repair In Pittsburgh, PA

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Construction And Maintenance

When your foundation loses stability and begins to shift, you must act quickly to get it repaired. When your foundation is stressed, it can cause your basement walls to bow inward. If repairs are not made soon, your entire foundation can collapse. Below are some common questions you may have about Leaning Walls Repair in Pittsburgh, PA.

Q.) What causes the ground to shift underneath my home?

A.) Wet soil underneath your foundation expands and puts pressure on your basement walls. This stress can cause the walls to crack and lean. Different types of soil are more prone to expansion or if you have a drainage problem, this can cause more water to get underneath your home. The natural movement of the earth can additionally push the walls of your basement inward.

Q.) If I don’t have my foundation repaired, will the wall eventually move back into position on its own?

A.) The only movement your wall will make will be to lean inward even more. It will never go back into its original position on its own. The soil will continue to push against the wall and eventually the wall will collapse under pressure. When your foundation collapses, your house will likely collapse too.

Q.) What are the signs of foundation problems?

A.) In addition to bowed basement walls, you may notice cracks in the walls. Your basement floor may also bow upwards or sink in. In your home, look for cracks in your walls, ceilings and around the door and window frames. On the outside of your home, you may see cracks in the bricks or mortar that signal a foundation problem.

Q.) How does a professional perform Leaning Walls Repair in Pittsburgh, PA?

A.) There are several ways that your structure can be reinforced and stabilized. After an inspection of your home, a professional engineer will recommend the most cost effective and suitable solution for your foundation issues.

The professional engineers of Engineered Foundation Solutions PLLC can help you with your foundation problems. They specialize in foundation stabilization, basement wall repair and basement waterproofing.

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