Avoiding A Contested Divorce: Negotiating Through A Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma City, OK

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Legal Services

A divorce attorney Oklahoma City, OK fights to help his or her client end their marriage amicably and without major disruption to their lives. Divorce is a difficult decision to make within itself, but it is even more difficult when a spouse refuses to accept it and let go. This presents the probability that he or she will also refuse to accept the terms outlined in the divorce agreement just to simply stall the process. If you wish to file for a divorce and your spouse has chosen to become difficult and you need assistance, contact Maria Tully Erbar today.

Avoiding a Contested Divorce

The first option for avoiding a contested divorce is to secure an agreement initially. If it is possible for you to discuss these matters with your spouse before you file and come into an agreement together, it is less likely that you will have a contested divorce. If this is not possible, you may allow your divorce attorney to initiate negotiations with his or her attorney.

Local Divorce Attorney

Erbar Maria Tully is dedicated to helping her clients end their marriages without major life distributions. She provides an avenue of assistance that protects your interests while removing some of the stress from your life. This attorney will negotiate with your spouse’s attorney to devise strategies to come into an agreement without compromising on the things that matter the most to you. This includes negotiating martial property division, assets, and child custody. To hire Maria Tulley Erbar as your attorney, contact her law office at the number that appears on her website at Erbarlawoffice.com.


Your Divorce Attorney Oklahoma City, OK presents you with effective methods that eliminate some of the stress from your divorce case. This includes preventing a contested divorce, if at all possible. Typically, an uncontested divorce is the quickest option to end your marriage and requires about two or three months to complete. However, at any time that your spouse choose, he or she can contest the divorce before the initial thirty day waiting period. If this occurs, you cannot conclude the divorce proceedings until you both reach an agreement or attend a trial in which a judge makes the final determinations.

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