Common Myths About Frozen Yogurt

While you may feel great about ordering a frozen yogurt concoction from one of the thousands of “real” yogurt stores that are available around the country, frozen yogurt has now become an industry worth two billion dollars, but do you know what you are really getting? Does the extremely popular fro-yo offer the same health benefits that regular yogurt does? Understanding the facts about frozen yogurt will help you know exactly what it is that you are putting into your body.

Myth: Frozen yogurt is a naturally low-fat or nonfat food.
This statement is partially true. While the majority of frozen yogurt is considered nonfat, or extremely low in fat, the calories that you are consuming will add up. The majority of nonfat plain or original options have between 30 and 35 calories for every ounce and 20 grams of sugar, which means that a 16 ounce cup will be 380 calories and 76 grams of sugar before you even add any of the delicious topping options that are available.

If you are dieting and want to enjoy these delicious frozen snacks, choose a smaller serving. That way you can still enjoy the treat without the huge amount of calories of the larger sizes.

Myth: The toppings do not cause many calories.
This is actually true – if you choose fruit. You should stay away from the popular toppings that are labeled as healthy, such as granola, which actually adds a good deal of calories to the snack. You should also avoid yogurt chips, mixed nuts and dried cranberries. If you want a variety, choose several different fresh fruits and you will get the flavor you want without the huge calories.

Myth: Frozen yogurt provides a number of healthy probiotics to support the immune and the digestive systems.
This statement is both true and false. While probiotics naturally occur in yogurt, the healthy bacteria do not always make it into the digestive tract. This will be dependent, in part, on the Frozen Yogurt Suppliers that have delivered the yogurt. The shelf life and extreme temperatures that may occur during shipment can affect the effectiveness of the probiotics in the yogurt.

Knowing the facts about frozen yogurt will let you enjoy the treat with confidence and ensure that you do not wreck your diet if you are following one.


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