Common Cat Illnesses

If you have a cat then you know what a joy they can be, but if you are new to the world of the domestic house cat you need to know about the common cat illnesses so you will know what to do and whether you need to bring your cat to a veterinary hospital in Harwood Heights. Here are the four most common illnesses in cats:

1. Vomiting

This is one of the most common ailments cats get and the reason for it can range from something like they ate too much or tried to eat something poisonous or inedible, infection, stomach or urinary disease, a more serious issue like diabetes, to some more common and normal like hairballs.

2. Urinary Tract Disease

As many as 3-5% of all domestic cats will get FLUTD during their lifespan. Female and male cats are susceptible and it is most common in cats that are overweight, stressed, or fed improper foods. Treatment depends on the type your cat has.

3. Fleas

A very common problem for household pets is fleas and this poses a problem for the humans in the home because the fleas will also feed on them when given the chance. Preventing fleas from getting on your cat is the best way to keep your home flea-free!

4. Tapeworms

These pests live inside your cat and inhabit the small intestine and can reach up to 2 feet in length. It is common for the worm to break apart and small segments to be found in the litter box; finding a full worm or a worm piece over a few inches in length is very rare.

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