Commercial Water Softening in Allentown Resolves Water-Related Problems at Lodging Establishments

Commercial Water Softening in Allentown is useful for business establishments dealing with tap water that has a high mineral content. This can be especially important for facilities that must do laundry on site, such as hotels and motels. With a water softening system, the cleaning staff doesn’t have to use as much soap to get laundry clean. In fact, they may be able to cut detergent use by as much as three-quarters, which saves a significant amount of money for the owners. If the cleaning personnel have needed to use fabric softener on linens, they may be able to stop using it now, or at least use less of it. The sheets and pillowcases will feel smoother and softer because of the quality of the water after it’s treated.

Soap works better in soft water because hard minerals bind with soap and reduce its effectiveness. Hard water usually is characterized by high levels of calcium and magnesium, some of the worst culprits for cutting the lathering ability of soap. The binding chemical reaction is responsible for the soap scum left behind in bathtubs and on shower doors. Commercial Water Softening in Allentown resolves these problems. The workers responsible for cleaning now don’t have to scrub away soap scum and mineral deposits left on shower doors, bathtubs, sinks and plumbing fixtures.

When people stay at this hotel or motel regularly, they may notice that they can use less shampoo, soap or shower gel when bathing there compared to when they are home. A business traveler who spends several nights a week at this establishment may be mystified as to why this is the case. It’s a welcome change, as is the silky feel of skin and hair after bathing in soft water.

A company such as Plumbing can install a softening system for lodging facilities ranging from a small mom-and-pop motel to the large, luxury hotels. The cleaning staff appreciates not having to deal with soap scum, the owners appreciate saving money on cleaning supplies, and the guests appreciate the benefits of soft water associated with showering and taking a bath.

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