A Guide to Window Treatments in Greenwich

With many Window Treatments in Greenwich to select from, consumers may find it hard to narrow down the selections. Thankfully, once a person understands the different options, this process becomes easier. Following are the major types of treatments to select from.

Panels combined with a valance are a great choice when someone wants to showcase the outdoors. Softly gather the panels and add a wide tailored valance. A sheer can be used with the fabric panels to allow light in or to close when privacy is desired.

Shades have come a long way over the years. Now people find there are a variety of materials and patterns to select from, with Roman shades being a preferred choice of many. Choose a shade with decorative trim or binding and the window increases in both function and style.

Pleated panels add elegance to any room of the home. With the addition of accessories, such as an angular valance, the look of the window can be changed quickly. If a less formal look is needed, a flouncy valance is a great choice.

Panels installed on a rod remain a classic choice. To accentuate the architecture of windows, use narrow panels between the panes. Bay windows often benefit from the installation of a rod on a foreground wall.

Tent-flap panels are a great choice when a room benefits from added insulation. They protect against strong winds during the winter or glaring sunlight in the summer. These panels look great when open or closed, so users can choose between privacy and insulation with little effort.

Swags are a great choice for double-hung, side-by-side windows. Drape them asymmetrically across the top of the windows and allow them to cascade down the outer edge of the window. If privacy is a concern, sheers can be of great help.

Shades come in numerous styles. Roller shades come in many patterns and fabrics with numerous decorative elements to pick from. Pleated shades provide a more tailored appearance and these are only two of the many designs now available.

Be sure to browse the website of Dominics Decorating to see these and numerous other Window Treatments in Greenwich. There is something for everyone. It’s all a matter of finding the right product and this site makes it easy to do so.

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