When To Clean Your Air Ducts

The phone rings. It is someone offering to air duct cleaning. In Massachusetts and in all other states, these type so phone calls are common. Every day, homeowners and a few businesses get asked whether they want their ducts cleaned. They state several reasons why, including Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), but are they valid?

Valid Reasons for Air Duct Cleaning

Whether air duct cleaning has any positive effect on the IAQ, there are certain times when you do need to consider cleaning your air ducts. These include or involve the following circumstances or conditions.

  • Mold Growth – If moisture enters into the air ducts, the result can be mold.
  • Vermin Infestation – HVAC ducts may become infested with mice, rats, insects or other species of vermin.
  • Reduced Air Flow – This may be indicative of a complete or partial blockage. Moving into a newly constructed home — depending on the diligence of the contractor, construction debris may be present inside the air ducts. Including dry wall dust, miscellaneous pieces of fiberglass insulation, lumber scraps, sawdust, or even soft drink containers. Homes undergoing recent renovation projects can suffer the same type contamination, requiring duct cleaning services.
  • Clogged Air Ducts – The air ducts are replete with dust, debris and a variety of particles that effectively slow down the air flow and may even release these miniscule particles into the air of your home from the vents and/or registers.
  • Construction Debris – In some situations, following construction, debris may enter into the system. Air duct cleaning may prove to be the right response.
  • Maintenance – Like other components of an HVAC or heating system, the ducts do require periodic maintenance work. This includes air duct cleaning. The time to do so will depend upon a variety of factors. Talk to the professionals in Massachusetts, and be sure you are aware of any instructions from your HVAC and duct installers.

These are the most common and practical reasons why you should consider air duct cleaning.

Caution: Duct Cleaning is Not the Only Answer

Whatever the reason is for you to get your ducts cleaned, remember it may not provide eh solution you expect. In some instances, the problem may not be resolved by simply duct cleaning. The duct or parts of the system may require repair or replacement.

When it comes time to duct cleaning in Massachusetts as elsewhere around the country, be sure it is necessary. Make sure the problem causing the need for cleaning will not reoccur. Make sure the company or individual you hire is a qualified professional. This will help you avoid future problems from costly errors.


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