347 Stainless Steel Sheet & Other Heavy-Duty Steel Alloy Products

Stainless steel alloys possess various favorable properties, which make them useful to many different types of industry professionals and companies. Whether you’re looking for grade 347 stainless steel sheet, type 321 plate, or another steel alloy product, the right company can meet your needs based on the type of application at hand. Regardless of whether you’re part of the aircraft, chemical processing, or pharmaceutical field, an experienced company can assist you by providing the quality materials you require.

Reliable Alloy Suppliers

Stainless steel is available in an assortment of grades. Therefore, it pays to have access to a knowledgeable company to ensure you’re purchasing the correct type of stainless steel for your project. In addition to getting helpful customer assistance, a reputable supplier of steel alloys will provide you with products that live up to strict quality standards. To guarantee your application or operation is completed with superior materials, you would likely prefer to purchase from a company that goes the extra mile to ensure the items in their inventory are tested and dependable.

347’s Beneficial Traits

The many grades of stainless steel are sorted into several groups, including martensitic, ferritic, precipitation-hardened, and austenitic. Type 347 is a columbium-stabilized stainless steel, and is classified as an austenitic steel alloy. Austenitic stainless steel alloys account for more than half of all stainless steel alloy productions. Grade 347 is widely used to construct different components in various professional fields, and resists oxidation much better than the closely linked grade 321. Type 347 delivers impressive corrosive resistance capabilities and can be exposed to temperatures ranging from cryogenic to well over 800 degrees F.

Commercial & Industrial Use

Due to its ideal mechanical properties and intergranular corrosion resistance, 347 Grade Stainless Steel Sheet, plate, flat bar, wiring, extrusions, etc. are used in an array of industries. Because this type of steel is so heavy-duty, even when exposed to high and low temperature extremes, it can be applied to numerous operations within the aircraft, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, refining, and food processing fields. Basically, type 347 stainless steel is perfect for projects involving heat exchangers, high temperature steam, or high temperature chemical processes.

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