Choosing the Right Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrellas may all look alike to you, but the truth is, not all of them are created equal. A quality umbrella will enhance your golf game, whereas a shoddy one can ruin your day, as well as raise your score. Whether you are a die-hard who will play in any weather or a weekender who prefers nice sunny days, you will eventually find yourself being rained on. If that happens, you will want an umbrella that is up to the task. When choosing a quality umbrella from among many, ask yourself the following questions.

What sort of handle does it have?

Handles come in a variety of widths and shapes, and they can be covered with different materials. Most people like golf umbrellas with foam rubber handles, as they are easy to grim and relatively lightweight. However, some people like the old-fashioned rubber grips, which can be slippery if the handle is straight, so if you go with this material, you may want a curved or molded handle to prevent slippage.

What is the shaft made from?

Cheaply made umbrellas usually feature hollow aluminum shafts, which can bend or snap in the wind. Some metal shafts are fine, but those will be a little heavier. The best umbrellas contain shafts made from high-tech materials, such as fiberglass or carbon fiber, which can usually take quite a bit of pressure before it will break. Wood is a classic material for shafts, and many golfers like its strength and aesthetic appeal, but it will almost certainly be heavier than other materials.

Does it have a single or double canopy?

While golf umbrellas with single canopies have the advantage of being lighter, they sometimes collapse in the wind, so if you choose one, you should make sure it is easily reset if this occurs. Though heavier, double canopies are designed to allow the wind to pass through, thus lessening the chance for wind damage.

Will it fit in your bag when closed?

Quality umbrellas will have a ring above the handles for the rubs to tuck into when the umbrella is closed. Also, look for points that taper enough that they will insert into your bag’s umbrella holder.

You can spend a little, or you can spend a lot, but what really matters is construction and balance. You want an umbrella that is both sturdy and relatively lightweight. You may rarely find occasion where an umbrella will be necessary, but when they happen, you will be glad you chose wisely

Golf umbrellas are a necessity for anyone who is serious about the game. You may not plan to find yourself in a rainstorm, but you never know, and golf umbrellas can be as important to your score as drivers and putters. Visit Website.

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