Carpet cleaning methods

Carpets take a tremendous amount of abuse. When you consider the dirt and grime that is brought in off the streets on the feet of all your family members, pet hair; exposure to cigarette smoke is it any wonder that it doesn’t take long to start looking dingy and giving off unpleasant odors. Minneapolis carpet cleaners mimic the suggestions of most carpet manufacturers; your carpets should be cleaned at least once a year or more if you have children and pets running in and out.

There are two approached to carpet cleaning; DIY or professional. The choice boils down to two things, do you have the time to do it yourself or not and do you think you can do a good job; if you answer yes to these questions then you have to decide which method is best suited for your situation. There is a number of carpet cleaning methods, some dry and the others wet. Each method has certain strengths as well as weaknesses and circumstances when they are the appropriate choice. If the manufacturer of your carpets suggested a method, by all means follow that.

Dry carpet cleaning:

“Dry” carpet cleaning is not actually dry; these methods just use far less water than the wet methods. Dry cleaning uses chemical powders or chemical foams that are applied to the carpet and then removed, taking with them the attached dirt and other debris, perhaps the most popular is foam.

Dry foam is a chemical which when applied has the appearance of mousse. The foam is scrubbed in a circular motion which works it through the fibers of the carpet. The foam bubbles quickly disappear, this indicates the chemicals have done their job and the dirt has bound to it. The residue is then removed using a vacuum. This method is quite labor intensive but it does clean the carpet quite well with a minimum of moisture which means a quick drying time. The bristles on the rotating brushes of professional machines may be too aggressive for fragile carpets and there is always the possibility of chemical residue if the vacuuming is not thorough.

Wet carpet cleaning:

The most popular and perhaps the most well known method used by Minneapolis carpet cleaners is hot water extraction, always called steam cleaning. Steam cleaning can be done by the homeowner as machines can be rented however the professionals do a superior job because the temperature of the water they can deliver is hotter than the normal home water supply and the hotter the water, the better the results.

If you are looking for Minneapolis carpet cleaners you are invited to contact Steamatic of the Twin Cities. Their hot water extraction system is superior to other methods, removing dirt and bacteria without any added chemicals or soap.

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