Can You Afford Solar Panels in NJ?

With the cost of utilities and electrical bills soaring, homeowners are searching for a more energy-efficient and cost-efficient way to heat and cool their homes. Solar energy is clean and easy to use for most homeowners. Solar panels in NJ may be the answer you have been looking for to decrease your electric bill. There are several benefits of solar power.

Little or No Money Down

Many solar systems are available to homeowners for little or no money down. You are just paying for the electricity you are generating without the upfront costs. A residential roofing expert can complete a free evaluation of your home and tell you if solar panels are right for your energy needs. Even for homes that have roofs that are not compatible with solar panels, there is still the option of a ground mounted system.

Savings on Energy Bills

The best reason of all to go ahead and purchase solar panels is the savings you will realize on your utility bill. For example, a 200 W panel is capable of producing 2 Kw of energy per day with 10 hours of sunlight. The cost of solar energy is in the installation. With federal incentives and the no money down options, it is becoming easier to equip your home for solar energy utilization.

Federal Incentives

Another great reason to go ahead and get solar panels for your roof is that homeowners are now eligible to receive 30 percent off the total cost of their system in the form of a Federal Solar Tax Credit. The tax credit may not be available for up to 16 months; however, this is still a great incentive for homeowners to purchase a solar system.

Many people do not switch to solar panels in NJ, because they are afraid it will cost more than they can afford. Solar energy is more affordable than ever before. Solar roofs are not difficult to install and do not require a great deal of maintenance. Any maintenance required can be completed by the residential roofing expert who installs your solar panels. With energy costs increasing every day, now is the time to check into solar panels for your home and begin saving on your energy bills.

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