What Can One Expect with Dental Implants?

Unlike dentures where an entire section can be crafted to fit a row, or bridge gap. Dental implants are individual capped like teeth. Implants are crafted singular teeth with a screw structured base. Now this sounds less than ideal with a great amount of pain. Of course, with implants there will be an anesthetic available before any medical procedure is conducted.

Can This Be Done in One Visit?

Unfortunately, no. Typically one visit is not enough depending on the severity of damage on one individual tooth or several. A dental implant is the answer for bone lose. When a tooth needs to be pulled, ends up breaking, or suffers from decay. The tooth will need to be extracted and replaced with a substitute which can help prevent further damage to the jawbone. If a dental implant is not performed the bone underneath the jaw line can diminish. In the case of more than one appointment needs, information detailing dental implants at Hyde Park is available by phone, website, or visiting the office.

Will the Dental Implants Stay Permanently?

Yes. What happens when the implant is screwed in to the gum and bone, over time the gum and bone will fuse around the implant screw. Offering a realistic and natural look to any smile. Dental implants are the suggestion all dentists would make considering if reasons like imminent tooth loss or a definite probability. Implants are completely safe and are offered as a strengthening technique for the gum line. Thus, preventing progressive bone loss along the jaw line. The only reason a dental implant would not be a permanently solution is if the patient did not take care of their dental hygiene and neglected further involvement with a dental specialist. Otherwise, dental implants can significantly ease pain and help rejuvenate a welcomed smile.

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