Benefits of Hiring a Medical Scribe for Your Practice

Thanks to insurance and federal regulations, complications related to electronic health records (HER) and the release of the ICD-10 have resulted in many physicians being bogged down by all sorts of administrative tasks. Today, doctors are spending more time coding, documenting and charting than they do helping and engaging with patients, making sure they are receiving quality levels of care.

However, there is a way to ease administrative burdens and put more focus back on the patient’s. Hiring medical scribes, which have successfully completed reputable medical scribe programs can reduce 80 percent of the ancillary duties. Some of the benefits offered by hiring a medical scribe can be found here.

Increased Levels of Patient Satisfaction

When you find a medical scribe who has completed one of the quality medical scribe programs, you will find they are beloved by more than just the doctors. Most patients also love them. In fact, with this person on staff, patients don’t have to spend as much time in the waiting room and will handle getting prescriptions for patients to the pharmacy right away. In fact, with a scribe was hired, many physicians found that patient satisfaction scores were improved quite a bit.

Improved Patient Communication and Volume

When a scribe is hired, they can improve documentation practices because they will focus on handling the HER and ensuring the coding and charts are accurate. The fact is, medical practices that employ scribes have a much higher chance of achieving a higher Current Procedural Terminology status. Research has also shown that doctors who are working with scribes are able to seem more than just a single patient each hour, which means shorter waiting times for everyone.

There are more than a few quality medical scribe programs where doctors can source amazing medical scribes and reap all the benefits highlighted here for their practice and their patients.

Learn more about the benefits of hiring medical scribes by visiting the Healthcare Scribes website.

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