You Can Have a Custom Surveillance System in Chicago

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Security

Keeping your home, your family, your possessions, or your business secure isn’t as easy as it once was, but it’s just as important. In order to give yourself the edge, you may need to apply some technology to the problem. From the smallest convenience store to the largest government facility, video surveillance is one of the prime tools for monitoring areas we want secured. It may be a warehouse, or your child’s room, but if you need around the clock surveillance, video cameras are the tool of choice.

There are many different types of video cameras available, each with its own specific uses, and someone who knows security systems will be able to advise you on which types will be best for your situation. There are exterior cameras that are designed with special housings to withstand the elements and some of those can even be equipped with night vision. A complete video surveillance system in Chicago may include a mix of cameras to cover all areas appropriately. There are stationary cameras as well as pan-tilt-zoom or PTZ cameras which can be moved in multiple planes and can use compound lens systems to zoom in on distant targets. Nanny cams are becoming very popular as a means of keeping an eye on your children and the care they are being given. This is just one example of how discrete cameras can be used. As small as technology allows video cameras to be these days, it’s possible to conceal them in almost any environment.

Having the right cameras correctly placed is only a part of a comprehensive video surveillance system in Chicago. Digital video recorders can be used when continuous monitoring isn’t practical or you want a permanent record of what your cameras are seeing for later reference. They can provide hours of video recordings for each camera on units no bigger than your PC. Many units can be accessed remotely, over the internet, using a computer, laptop, tablet or even a smart phone. From your office you can bring up cameras at your home to make sure everything is going well. Wherever you can access the internet, you can view what your cameras see.
Alert Protective Services can work with you to design and build a custom surveillance system to fit your needs. They will use their vast experience and technology to make any area more secure for you, your family, or your business. Visit to know more.

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