Callebaut’s Claims Upheld for Health Benefits of Chocolate Squares

The European Union has fairly strict standards for making health claims in regard to foods, but it is possible. One chocolate manufacturer has seen headway with commercial links between health and consuming chocolate. Initial approval has been granted to Belgium-based Callebaut to tout certain health benefits of chocolate products.

Specifically, they must refer to the flavonoids in chocolate preserving elasticity in blood vessels to make the health claims. If the request is formally granted in March, Callebaut will have the sole right to use this claim for a period of five years.

Known Health Benefits Making Chocolate More Popular

Since the first discovery of cocoa beans, chocolate products have been considered a decadent luxury. The first hot chocolate – thick and bitter to drink – was considered a delicacy only the wealthy could afford. Cocoa beans themselves were considered currency. As chocolate spread across the world, the consistency and additives changed.

France was among the first countries to step away from the bitter foundation of the bean and try to create a rich treat. During the 1600s, noble bakers combined chocolate with marzipan and used the doughy mixture to create entire rooms made of chocolate where dessert feasts were held using cups, plates and utensils made of the crisp, sweet material.

Today, of course, chocolate is a popular treat available in a number of flavors and commonly combined with other ingredients. It’s used to celebrate holidays, major events and even love and is a popular and unique way for businesses to share their appreciation with partners, clients and employees. Corporate food gifts range from customized chocolate squares to fruit baskets and wine and cheese collections, but there will always be a special place reserved for high-quality candies.

This is especially true now that we understand more about chocolate’s healing abilities. Studies have linked it to a variety of health benefits, including fighting mood disorders and improving heart health. Callebaut has made a move to capitalize on these effects or at least the elasticity provided to blood vessels through ingestion of chocolate squares.

Health Claims Inspire Food Sales

In recent years, grocers have seen the popularity of miscellaneous foods soar after unexpected claims were made regarding health benefits. Acai berries, soybeans and garlic have all gained a new level of notoriety for helping to improve the body. Chocolate, though popular in its own right, could experience a new wave of interest from consumers who otherwise haven’t taken notice. All forms – from chocolate squares to syrups – may become more popular on store shelves and in home pantries.

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