Obtaining A Commercial Drivers License

by | Mar 13, 2013 | Education and Training

There are many benefits to obtaining your commercial driving license in Chicago, IL. Not only are there a variety of positions available throughout the country, but there are great compensation packages that are offered as well. Many people are beginning to enroll in truck driver’s training courses in order to learn the skills necessary to operate these large vehicles.

Many courses offer a wide skill range which will allow you to diversify your driving qualifications. When testing for your CDL license, you can obtain additional endorsements that will further your opportunities in the driving industry. These endorsements include the ability to operate a school bus, transport hazardous materials, drive a double or triple semi-trailer, and driving a tank truck, just to name a few.

There are three classes of commercial driver’s licenses available, including A, B, and C. An A class CDL license will allow you to drive nearly any single or combination vehicle, such as tow trucks, vehicles towing trailers, or large buses. Additional endorsements may be required to transport hazardous materials, or people, depending on the state where the license is given. A class B commercial driver’s license allows any size single vehicle to tow vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds. A class C CDL license will allow vehicles to carry hazardous materials that weigh less than 26,000 pounds. There is a large variety of vehicles that fit under this class of CDL, including delivery vehicles, waste management trucks, and tow trucks.

In order to receive your commercial driving license in Chicago IL, the federal government requires that you complete a qualified CDL program that is given through a truck driving school. The programs chosen have demonstrated the ability to teach potential drivers the skills and knowledge necessary to operate a large truck safely and properly. They must be able to read a map, plan a trip, and comply with all driving laws put in place by the Department of Transportation. Most driver training programs provide the information and training necessary to allow the student to pass the knowledge and skills tests that are required to obtain their CDL.

Finding a qualified training program can be as easy as looking online. While there are many training programs available, you should be able to find an experience and quality program in your area that will help you to receive your commercial driving license in Chicago, IL.

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