Benefits of Taking Your Puppy or Kitten to a Veterinarian in Cedar Rapids IA

When you get a new puppy or kitten, it’s important to make sure that they visit a veterinarian as soon as possible. By visiting a veterinarian Cedar Rapids IA early on, there are many benefits that your pet can have, besides just getting a new puppy or kitten check up. Some of these benefits include:

A full over check up to make sure they don’t have any worms, illnesses, fleas, or other problems. The first thing a vet will do is make sure your new puppy or kitten is healthy. This is essential to a long healthy life, as there are many things that can go wrong when a puppy or kitten is very young.

The first round of shots. There are a few different things that your puppy or kitten will need to get shots for. These include parvo and kennel cough for dogs, and feline leukemia for cats. By starting the pet off with these immunizations, you can protect them from getting a potentially fatal illness.

Beginning round of flea medications and heartworm pills. It’s essential that you protect your pet from fleas and heartworms. When your puppy or kitten is old enough, your veterinarian will get them started on both flea and heartworm prevention.

A connection with someone who cares about your pet. If you’ve started taking your pet to a veterinarian when they are young, you won’t have to worry about where to take them when they’re older. If any emergency arrises, you’ll have a place to take them where the faces are friendly and the staff already knows their personality.

A good start to being handled. Many dogs or cats can become scared of going to the veterinarian. The veterinarian touches them all over, looks in their eyes and ears, takes their temperature and more. When you start taking them to a veterinarian at an early age, your puppy or kitten will be more comfortable with the veterinarian, and they won’t be as anxious about visiting for their yearly check up.

Going to the veterinarian for your pet is like you going to a doctor. By starting to visit a veterinarian Cedar Rapids IA early, you can ensure that your dog or cat is comfortable with the veterinarian and start them off on a long life of being healthy and fit. If you’ve gotten a new puppy or kitten, start them off with a first visit with a veterinarian today.


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