Beautiful and Healthy: Salt Lamp Benefits

A modern home is filled with electronics: televisions, microwaves, laptops, and countless other appliances taken for granted in everyday life. The modern person may often find himself feeling sluggish, sick, or not breathing comfortably in his own home. Not many people associate the use of electronics with causing an uncomfortable atmosphere in the home, but this is very often the case! Electronics emit positive ions, which can contaminate the air and cause a lack of balance in the air’s quality. Salt lamps are an excellent natural producer of negative ions, which can cancel out these positive ions and get rid of pollution in the air.

Rock salt lamps are large chunks of rock salt that are carved hollowed. They are then filled with a candle or a light bulb. The salt is mined in many parts of the world, but much of it comes from the Himalayas. Himalayan salt is supposed to be free of contamination and is the result of the drying up of an Asian sea hundreds of years ago. The salt lamps benefits one can find are related to the purity of the salt, and its ability to release negative ions in the air when heated by a light source. These benefits include refreshing air that everyone in the home can enjoy, which also greatly helps those with allergies and asthma. The ions produced by salt lamps can help reduce the amount of dust particles in the air, as well as bacteria, leading to cleaner air.

Through the process of refreshing air polluted by electronics and the stifling nature of the indoors, people can find themselves feeling more energized, less fatigued, and overall more healthy. They can even find themselves with a more clear and relaxed mind, allowing them to focus or meditate without mental distraction. A simple salt lamp can help so much because of the natural healing qualities of the environment. Many things in nature produce negative ions, and bringing a piece of nature into the home can work wonders for air and living quality. In this age of technology there are, of course, mechanical ways of cleaning air indoors, but a rock salt lamp does so in a way that is usually less expensive and always more beautiful. A salt lamp is a beautiful and functional decoration that suits most homes and benefits all.