A History of Fairfield County

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Of all the counties in Connecticut Fairfield is the most densely populated. Sitting on the far south-western point of the State it has a total population of around 920,000. The county’s ‘Gold Coast’ has brought affluence to the area with oyster farming and other enterprises.

Historical Information

In its early days, before its initial establishment the land on which Fairfield County now sits was owned and lived on by a collection of unrelated Native American tribes before the invasion of the Europeans. During his 1614 exploration of the Connecticut coast the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block examined possible areas for creating colonies. However, the first Europeans – Puritans and Congregationalists – came from England to found the Colony of Connecticut, headed by Roger Ludlow. They chartered and purchased the towns of Norwalk and Fairfield in 1639 and 1640 and it was Ludlow himself who is credited with naming Fairfield.

Connecticut was nicknamed ‘The Provision State’ during the revolutionary war because its agricultural productivity fed many thousands of soldiers and civilians. During 1777 General William Tryon was ordered to interrupt the supply flow by the Commander-in-Chief, William Howe. He wanted to prevent supplies reaching the continental army and therefore weaken their defense capabilities. Tryon took Henry Duncan, leading a fleet of twenty-six shops and two thousand men to the continental army depots and ordered them to raid it. However, despite having only seven hundred men to defend it, Danbury fought back while Sybil Ludington rallied militia from New York to come and help. They arrived far too late to save Danbury from being burnt down they did assist with the ensuing Battle of Ridgefield.

Modern Fairfield

Fairfield is now one of the richest counties in Connecticut with a large economy. It was during the 60’s and 70’s that large corporations moved their headquarters from Manhattan to Fairfield County. This gave rise to the assumption that Fairfield is actually a sub-district of New York, but essentially this is inaccurate. The proximity of Manhattan to the Fairfield County cities and towns allow commuters to work and live in either area and Apartments For Rent In Fairfield County tent to be of higher standard for slightly lower rent, than those found elsewhere. Nearby Stamford also has an illustrious history of high education and solid economic principles.


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