Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Louis, MO and Financial Distress After Being Sick

Did you realize how high your medical bills would be when you became sick? Did you also miss a lot of work while on your way to recovery? This problem is common, and it can hurt anyone’s finances. In fact, you may have struggled to keep a roof over family’s head and food on the table. You may also have maxed out your credit cards just pay for medication and doctor visits. As a result, you could be wondering if there is a way out of financial distress. The truth is that is. The law gives debtors a chance at a fresh start through a Chapter 7. If granted by the court, all of your credit card debt will be wiped away. However, the first thing to do is find a Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Louis MO.

When you speak to the attorney, you will need to have a list of all your debts. You can also explain to the Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Louis MO what caused you to fail to pay your bills. He will work hard to ensure your best results in court. So, when you go to the meeting, do not leave any debt out. If you leave a debt out when going to court, it will not be considered.

Unfortunately, student loans cannot be absolved in bankruptcy. However, credit card debts can be. If you are not certain that a debt can or cannot be absolved in court, you can discuss it with an attorney from Van Dillen and Flood St. Louis, MO. By seeking legal advice, you will find your answers. So, do not assume anything. Instead, you should make an appointment for a consultation.

You can find out more about bankruptcy after you make an appointment for a consultation with a Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Louis MO. Once you have had the consultation, you will be well-informed. You will know what the law says about your unique situation and the best way to address it. With this in mind, take some time today to pick up the phone and call for professional help. You will be glad that you found out how the law helps people who are in finical distress and how it may help you. Visit for more information!

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