Speeding Up Your Construction or Remodeling Job with a Panel Clip

When you’re doing any kind of construction or remodeling work, you know that time is money. The longer it takes you to finish a job, the more you have to pay your crew and the more likely you are to end up having to give the customer a discount for not having the work completed on time. If you’ve ever had to do a rapid installation of panels as part of a remodeling job or construction project, chances are you either used panel clips or wished you had, as they can make any such job easier and quicker.

How Panel Clips Work
A panel clip, also known as a z-clip, is basically a z-shaped piece of aluminum that supports things on a wall. The principle is fairly simple—one clip gets attached to the wall and the other is attached to whatever you want to hang on the wall. The panel clip on the wall has the protruding part facing upward while the clip on the hanging object has a downward-facing protrusion. When object is set on the wall, the two clips come together and the object becomes fixed in place on the wall.

What Panel Clips are Used For
Having established that panel clips are used to hang things on a wall, it’s fair to ask “What things?” The clips come in all different sizes, so the easy answer would be to say that a panel clip can hang just about anything on a wall. Since they are very strong, there is a tendency to use them to hang heavier objects, such as wall panels, mirrors, large pieces or artwork or shelving. Panel clips are pretty much the standard for hanging acoustical panels on large jobs and they are favored by contractors for a variety of heavy wall coverings.

How Panel Clips Save Time on a Job
To prepare for a job using panel clips, a construction crew can attach the clips to the hanging objects in the comfort of their workshop or warehouse, saving valuable time on the job site. Next, a crew can come into the space and “pre-set the room” by putting up panel clips all around. All that’s left to be done then is to hang the objects on the wall. Since the clips were already in place, all it takes to hang the objects on the wall is to set them in place—no nailing or drilling. Doing an installation this way can save up to 50% of the time spent on the job site. As an added benefit, there is no face nailing, and the clips are concealed behind the hanging object at all times.

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