Autism Programs in Green Bay, WI are Providing Hope for Families and Children Dealing with Autism

Autism is a brain disorder that presents itself in early childhood. The disorder can range from minimal effects to complete disability. This range of disability is often referred to as spectrums of the disorder. While scientists are unsure why the range of the disorder varies so greatly from child to child, they have made many discoveries in respect to the disorder over the past decade. There are now many schools and institutions that deal specifically with autistic children and their disabilities. Autism Programs in Green Bay, WI provides individualized, proven treatment for children to help them grow and deal with the disorder.

Autism Programs in Green Bay, WI provides intensive therapy that is based on each child’s needs. Each child receives at least 20 hours per week of one on one therapy to assist the child in overcoming specific issues related to the disorder. The program has worked with children from ages 2 – 16 years of age. Each child has different needs and therapists will work to set specific goals for that child. This center differs from schools that treat autistic children in that kids are not taught as a whole. Each individual child receives their own therapy based on their own individual treatment plan. The therapy is always completed in a positive manner by professionals and students that are studying autism. The goals may include communication, self help skills, social skills and safety skills. Family members are encouraged to observe and at times take part in the therapy to learn important skills for dealing with their special needs child.

Psychologist Steven Klein developed the treatment used today at these centers. Using Applied Behavioral Analysis or ABA, therapists are able to effectively teach children the skills they need to succeed in life. This positive and educational approach allows the child and their family to progress at a comfortable pace. The therapy empowers children and allows them to learn at an appropriate level for their specific needs. After children complete their treatment plan, they are eligible to receive post therapy to ensure they maintain the progress they’ve made and learn new skills as they age. The program is an in-home program that provides flexibility for the busy family. With continued research and therapy, children across the nation are learning to live and thrive with autism.