Apartments And Condos – Part Of The History Of Gramercy

When people think of Gramercy, all focus is on the small enclave and its park that goes by the name Gramercy Park. Yet, while people tend to think of fine residences and elegant townhouses, there is more to Gramercy than that. Yet, the area is home to some of the oldest apartment buildings in the city. They, like today’s condos for sale in Gramercy, have a character of their own.

The Gramercy Apartments and the Rules

Like many of the residents of the townhouses that surround the park, the apartment dwellers have keys to the park. These are carefully regulated. However, very few new apartment structures, including new condos for sale in the neighborhood will ever have a key to the park. This remains carefully and meted out under the auspices of the local board of trustees. This has been strictly applied to all residents whether they have been the architect Stanford White, the playwright Oscar Wilde or two children destined to be presidents – Teddy Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

Whoever they were, if they had a key, they were expected to abide by all the rules or suffer the consequences. This has included replacing the key and paying a fine as high as $1,000. Children were expected to not walk on the grass or play any games within the confines of the park. The adults were not allowed to smoke, drink or have more than 6 guests.

Gramercy Apartments

The apartments that surround the area include many buildings of historical significance. Among them are:

*    34 Gramercy Park East: This was the city’s oldest existing co-operative apartment. Built in 1881/3 by George DaCunha, builder and developer, it has weathered the years. Its Renaissance Revival style is reflective of the luxury apartments built at the time. Older than the Dakota, it is a remainder and a reminder of a time when luxury apartments were first being constructed in New York City for the upper classes.

*    36 Gramercy Park East: This pre-war condominium built in 1909 comes with a private key to Gramercy Park. It location is near to the Gramercy Park Hotel as well as restaurants and other amenities. Like most extravagant apartments and luxury condos of this period, the interior of the structure has been renovated to meet the demands of today’s residents.

*    7 Gramercy Park West: Condos for sale were not common in Gramercy Park. This is an exception. This was an early condo renovated in 1980s. The 5-story building was constructed of brick first in 1905.

Since the enclave of residences and then apartment buildings were erected on the area called Gramercy Park, the area has constructed an aura of respectable wealth and privilege around it. This is true even for those who live several blocks away from the focal point – the privately accessed Gramercy Park. Is it any wonder that people continue to look for condos for sale in Gramercy? Perhaps, if they really luck in, they can find one with a key.

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