A Pedodontist And A Pediatric Dentist Are The Same Thing

The term “pedodontist” is not used much anymore, the term has been replaced with “pediatric dentistry.” Pediatric dentistry is a specialist branch of dentistry, it deals with children dentistry in Hartford County, MD from when they are toddlers through their late teen years. A pediatric dentist completes undergrad studies and dental school but they go on and receive additional training in how to deal with the dental needs of children. There is nothing stopping a parent from taking their children to a regular dentist, no different than taking a child to a general practitioner rather than pediatrician. The thing is; children can often benefit from the specialized care of a children dentist in Hartford County, MD, the same as they can benefit from seeing a pediatrician.


Because a child continues to grow they have unique dental needs. As the child’s mouth continues to develop, the baby teeth come in and fall out and then the permanent teeth come in. A pediatric dentist can ensure that these permanent teeth will stay with the patient for life by giving excellent dental care from the outset. A pediatric dentist offers a number of services for their young clients, these services include teeth cleaning, dental examinations, prophylactic care and if necessary, referrals to other dental specialists, especially those that can give children the care they need when fitting orthodontics if the regular pediatric dentist thinks there may be a problem with the way the teeth or jaws are developing.

Early intervention is one of the keys to heading off many dental problems. One way that a children’s dentist intervenes is through preventative care. This type of care includes dental education, telling and showing the children how to look after their teeth and gums as well sealing the child’s teeth as a way of preventing cavities and painting the teeth with fluoride, a chemical with known qualities in dental care and cavity prevention.

Those who practice children dentistry in Hartford County, MD not only have unique methods to deal with child dental issues, they also have ways to keep the child happy and comfortable. Children do suffer stress when they know they are going to the dentist, but most pediatric dentists take this into account with the looks of their office, the size of the dental chair they use and various games and toys that keep the young patients occupied. It is important that a “fear free” dental experience start young as dental care then becomes a natural and normal part of life.

Children have unique dental care needs and to provide this care you should use children dentistry in Hartford County, MD. To ensure your child gets off on the right foot and grows up to be an adult who seeks regular dental care you are invited to Contact Kaplan & McGlothlin DDS.

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