5 Things to Never Put in a Garbage Disposal in Waterloo, IA

When house or apartment hunting, many people ask for amenities like central air and heating, washer and dryer hookups and a garbage disposal. Having a garbage disposal in Waterloo, IA, makes life easier. Not only do you avoid the stench that can emanate from the trash if you leave food at the bottom for too long, but having a garbage disposal makes cooking and cleaning up after you cook a breeze.

However, if you accidently break your garbage disposal, it can be a huge inconvenience. Although they seem like they can handle anything, garbage disposals are sensitive to certain materials. Be sure to avoid throwing these things in a garbage disposal in Waterloo, IA.


It’s not common knowledge, but grease is horrible for the garbage disposal, as well as the rest of your plumbing because it has a tendency to stick to surfaces.

Potato Peels

After being mixed with water, potato peels can form a thick substance. This mixture can clog your plumbing.

Expandable Foods

Pasta and rice expand with liquid, even after being mashed up. This consistency can cause clogging in the plumbing system as well.

Combustible Foods

Grinding combustibles can result in damage, fire, injury and much more. It’s best to just dispose of them in the trash.

Hot Water

Many people don’t know they should always use cold water when running the garbage disposal. Again, the foods listed could become a thicker consistency and formulate clogs.

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