A Change of Direction Could Lead to the Perfect Date

by | Aug 14, 2014 | Lifestyle

Friends, coworkers and family all seem to be having such an easy time finding the right person to date or spend quality time getting to know in Houston. It’s not that you aren’t out there looking or trying to find that special someone but nothing you do seems to be working. It’s quite possible that the problem is part of your everyday routine. Your morning java jump, dedication to technology and your demeanor may be keeping you from your dream date. These are the simple avenues that continue to land you home alone, in front of the television on Friday nights but a change of direction could possibly change your dating life for good.

Change is Good

How easy is it to become accustomed to doing things the same way as long as they work for you? It’s a habit that many people fall into and don’t realize the effect they are having on their dating lives. Something as simple as a routine stop for a morning cup of coffee or the favorite lunch spot that has the best salads. It’s quite possible that all of the regulars are either not your type or simply not exactly what you are looking for in a date. So, why not visit a different Starbucks a couple mornings a week? You know that whoever you meet there will be a coffee person and that is at least one thing you have in common. Also, you’ll encounter new people and possibly make a connection all because you changed it up a little.

Make Sure You’re Approachable

One of the most common distractions among people today is that of the mobile world. Tablets, mobile phones and laptops are occupying a large portion of most people’s day. This is an instant turn-off for most people. It sends the signal that you’re too busy or simply not interested. People are attracted to those who have a pleasant and welcoming demeanor. Smiles are an instant sign of friendliness and they generates positive energy among people, especially single people. It’s important to separate yourself from the pressures of the world because they form a thick cloud over conversations that could easily cause you to lose your smile. Once you’ve logged off out of social media and tuned in to your surroundings, you may quickly notice that the perfect date was there all along but you were too busy to notice.

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