Tips to Have the Best Dates in Boston

Dating can be exciting, fun, stressful, and scary, all at the same time. The ultimate purpose of dating, after all, is to look for your future partner whom you can share your life with. There’s always that exciting chance that your next date can possibly be your Mister or Miss Perfect, your life partner, or your soulmate. But then there’s also the risk of rejection. These top tips on how to have the best dates in Boston are sure to reduce that rejection risk.

1. Invite her for breakfast or brunch.

A date doesn’t always have to be a dinner in a fancy restaurant. Try something different. You could invite your date to an energizing brunch or breakfast. The setting is warm and comfortable, and the bright and relaxed surroundings can help you and your date open up more. It’s easier to be yourself when you’re feeling relaxed and comfortable.

2. Have a romantic adventure.

Invite your date for a walk or a bike session. Walk along Boston’s waterfront under the moonlight or rent a bike and explore popular bike paths like the Charles River. Harbor Islands in Boston also offers adventure opportunities. You can fly kites or hike there.

3. Beer instead of coffee.

After dinner, don’t take her home or to a coffee shop. The fun and stories can continue if you take her to bars that serve craft beers. Cocktail bars are also worth checking. Just make sure that the bar isn’t too crowded or noisy. Distractions can hinder you and your date from communicating smoothly and getting to know each other.

4. Turn off your electronic device.

There’s nothing more annoying or frustrating than a date who constantly checks out her smartphone or her tablet to send messages, reply to emails, take calls, and the like. If you can’t turn your phone off, set it to silent mode. Remember that your date has given you his or her time to get to know you. Show your appreciation and respect, and enjoy the present moment by focusing on your date.

5. Stay away from sensational topics.

A first date will already allow you to discover a lot of things about a person. Keep the topic friendly and neutral. Avoid topics that are too sensational, sensitive, or are prone to debate like religion, money, and politics. You can talk about these things later on, once you have earned the other person’s trust. You don’t want to turn your date off just because you don’t agree on some subjects. Talking about sensational topics can often result in misunderstandings.

6. Be yourself.

Perhaps the best way to have the best dates in Boston is to be yourself at all times. Show your true colors. Remember, you are going on a date to meet someone and to get to know that person. Your date has the same expectations from this meeting, and dates will be futile if you pretend to be someone else. Enjoy that chance of meeting new people, and leave your fear of getting rejected at home.

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