4 Must-See Chicago Shows in Evanston

There are a litany of shows to see when in the Evanston area of Chicago, Illinois. Here are four shows and venues that bring the house down, and should be seen by anyone out looking for an entertaining night in Evanston, IL.

The SPACE Theatre

The SPACE theatre in Evanston is a great place to catch a live musical performance. Dan Navarro of the Lowen & Navarro musical duo will be performing this month, as well as Billy Martin’s Wicked Knee, guitarist Eric Johnson, and other assorted artists. There is a performer on nearly every night of the week at SPACE, and certainly something there for anyone who may be sick of the radio Top 10 and looking for an alternative in the many Chicago shows in Evanston.

ComedySportz Theatre

For comedy fans, a show to seek out would be ComedySportz, from the ComedySportz Theatre in Chicago. This show features improv, for all ages and tastes. Classes in improve are also offered, for those who would like to step out of their comfort zones for a while. There are evening shows every day this week, so be sure to check it out for a laugh, or to try something different if you attend one of the classes.

Broadway Shows

Chicago is no stranger to the theatre world, either. If you are interested in theatre favorites, look out for Broadway in Chicago shows coming to a theatre in Evanston. There are a number of popular Broadway shows, such as Pippin’, Jersey Boys, and Beauty and the Beast, as well as other unique shows such as “Motown: The Musical,” now playing; and “On Your Feet!” with singer Gloria Estefan, that will be coming in 2015. If you have a soft spot for the art of theatre, Broadway in Chicago is one of the Chicago shows in Evanston that you should definitely catch.

Piccolo Theatre

One last venue to visit if you are looking for a night out on the town in Evanston is the Piccolo Theatre. This theatre features comedy shows that parody Shakespeare and other highly-esteemed classics, as well as modern parodies and original pieces. The comedy style is fast, and manic, so if you are looking for this kind of thing, try to catch one of their shows.

There is plenty to do for anyone looking to get away and do something different for a night. Click here for more info.

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