3 Unique Ideas for Wedding Chuppahs in Maui

Getting married in Maui is beautiful, romantic and a great way to have a wonderful and dreamy wedding. With the waves crashing on the sand and the gentle ocean breeze blowing through each other’s hair, there are several unique ideas for wedding chuppahs. You want to have the perfect wedding, therefore, you should not hold back. It may be tough deciding how your wedding should be and what you should do with your wedding chuppahs. There are three ideas to consider: placement, purpose and design. Keeping these three terms in mind will allow you to have a memorable and perfect wedding.

Getting married on the beach or near the beach in Maui is beautiful. The natural scenery and gorgeous weather are two important ingredients for a romantic wedding experience. While you want the beautiful beach and white sand, Wedding Chuppahs in Maui are what take your wedding to a whole new level. Below are three concepts to help ensure your wedding chuppahs in Maui are utilized best and to the fullest.


Where you place your wedding chuppahs is important. Chances are you may be exchanging vows inside the chuppah. You may want the ocean scenery to be behind your wedding chuppah, thus you should consider your audience facing you, your partner, the chuppah and the ocean in its background. This beautiful usage of scenery will have a memorable impact.


There are various purposes you can utilize your wedding chuppahs for. You can exchange vows in them. You can utilize them for the reception where guests can be seated. Finally, you can utilize them to place food inside. Whatever you choose, a wedding chuppah is a great accent piece that will make your wedding even more beautiful.


There are various design options you can consider for your wedding chuppah. You want your wedding chuppah to stand out. Consider putting lights on them or near them. You can place flowers and other decorative pieces on them. While they are nice with a neutral design, there is an endless list of options you can consider.

Make your wedding memorable with Maui Rents. Do something special with your wedding chuppah. Make sure you are utilizing your options to the fullest.

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