4 Mistakes To Avoid When Researching Electronic Manufacturing Service Companies

Startup companies, small Original Equipment Manufacturers and even large corporations can struggle to find the best fit for electronic manufacturing service companies

Ideally, finding one electronic contract manufacturing service and working exclusively with the company offers the ideal solution. This allows the contract manufacturer to understand the specifics of the project and it also provides the OEM with a partner striving to continue to be the contract manufacturer in the future. This creates a win-win situation where both the OEM and the contract manufacturer are striving for top quality, low-cost parts which are fully customized for the specific application.

Not Considering All Services Required

Before contacting or researching electronic manufacturing service companies, have a complete understanding of what services are required. Some companies offer engineering design services, printed circuit board, and cable harness assemblies as well as electromechanical box assembly and full testing services.

Failing To Check Order Requirements

Many of the electronic manufacturing service companies, particularly those working with the larger national and multinational OEMs have high minimum volume requirements for orders. This may create a challenge for small to mid-sized OEMs and for startup companies with limited initial order sizes but the potential to scale up.

Not Verifying Industry Experience

Always review and consider the experience and expertise of any type of service provider. It is important to consider the years in the industry and the scope of OEMs the manufacturer has in current clients and past projects.

Not Ensuring Recognized Quality Control Processes Are Used

Never assume any manufacturer has quality control standards in place which are actually effective and based on best practices. Look specifically for ISO, CE, CSA and UL certification as well as the specific IPC-A-610 class required for the specific type of manufacturing required by your company.

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