3 Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn and Boosting Your Curb Appeal

A beautiful lawn is more than just a bragging point in front of your neighbors. It’s also representative of health, safety and property value, so it’s worth the effort of maintaining it. Here are just three tips for lawn upkeep.

1. Identify Your Grass

Did you know that there are hundreds of grass species out there? Not only do they look different, but they have different needs when it comes to watering, cutting and fertilizing. For example, some grass types need to be cut shorter or watered less than others. Do your research and figure out the exact requirements of your particular lawn.

2. Fix Your Sprinkler Systems

Broken sprinklers can cause a wide variety of problems, including dead grass and water spots. You’ll want to get them fixed without delay, so don’t put it off until trouble really arrives on your yard. Look for irrigation repair services Cape Coral and find yourself some lawn care professionals who can get your sprinklers in good working order again.

3. Establish a Maintenance Routine

It takes effort to have a gorgeous lawn. You can’t just half-heartedly mow it every once in awhile and expect your grasses and trees to thrive like they’re on the cover of a garden magazine. Proper lawn care includes things like weeding, watering, mulching and bagging leaves, so if you’re serious about giving your yard a makeover, expect to put your back into it.

We understand the need for orderly lawns at Five Star Irrigation Services, Inc. That’s why we offer irrigation repair services Cape Coral, and it’s why we’re dedicated to helping homeowners beautify their lawns, increase their curb appeal and maintain the freshness of their outdoor spaces. Contact us today to get a quote!

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