3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Dog Chews For Puppies

Owners of puppies often make a lot of mistakes, particularly if this is the first dog in the family. The good news is most mistakes are not serious or costly, but understanding a few things about buying dog chews for puppies can help you to get the best product for your puppy at the best possible price.

Mistake 1- Buying Rawhide Chews

Although rawhide dog chews are found in just about every dog food section of any grocery store as well as in pet food stores, they are not a healthy option. These type of dog chews for puppies can actually cause serious issues such as digestive blockages and an increased risk of choking, particularly for aggressive chewers.

Rawhide is a non-nutritious, waste product of the tanning industry. It is so processed it has no taste and has to be artificially flavored, smoked or wrapped to get dogs and puppies to even chew on the bones. It can also be very irritating to a young puppy’s stomach.

Mistake 2- Buying In Bulk Orders

Puppies grow really quickly, so buying bulk orders of dog chews for puppies is not a cost-effective option. It is a safer bet to buy a few packages at a time, then move up in size as needed. Most medium to large sized breeds will quickly transition out of puppy or small dog chews, which is an important factor to consider.

Never feed puppies chews that are easily swallowed. Additionally, always monitor your puppy when he or she is enjoying the one chew a day they can have.

Mistake 3- Not Reading the Label

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the ingredients in the chew toys you are planning on feeding. Look for healthy ingredients such as milk, peanut butter, chicken, and pork skin, along with added vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy growth and development.

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