2 Important Tips for Choosing the Right Dumpster in Atlanta Every Time

Any major clean out or renovation around the house will require renting a dumpster. The question is how to choose the best dumpster for the job. Homeowners can get lots of support from the professionals with the rental agency, but do keep these two tips in mind. They will go a long way in focusing attention on dumpsters that will make the project a lot easier.

Opt For Something Slightly Bigger

There are all sorts of approaches to choosing a dumpster in Atlanta that’s large enough for the task. For example, taking the dimensions of the space that’s to be cleared can serve as the basis for selecting a dumpster. Go the extra mile and allow another ten to twenty percent above that figure. It’s not unusual for the discards to take up more space than the homeowner originally envisioned.

Accessibility is Essential

It never hurts to look at designs that include access from the top as well as the side. This is especially true with projects that involve getting rid of things that are currently housed on a second floor or shingles that are removed in anticipation of installing a new roof. A dumpster in Atlanta with side and top accessibility makes for a more versatile solution. Make sure it’s a rolling dumpster design and the homeowner will find it easier to move the unit around if necessary.

If in doubt, remember that the team with the rental agency has a lot of experience with helping clients select dumpsters. Outline the nature of the project, how long the task will take, and what sort of surfaces the dumpster will be placed upon. In no time at all, it will be easy to settle on the right design and be ready to launch that project.

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