Zinc Chromate Plating: How to Choose the Company for the Job

by | Nov 24, 2014 | Business

Frequently used as a top coating for ferrous metals vulnerable to rust when exposed to moisture, zinc chromate plating offers reliable protection to significantly prolong the life of a large number of components. Its additional advantage of electrical conductivity widens the range of applications for which it is suitable, as parts may be covered against corrosion without compromising performance in some unwanted way. Given the significant benefits which zinc chromate plating offers, it’s a popular part of many processing and production operations, but finding the right provider to get zinc chromate plating completed in the most desirable manner can be a challenge.

Technical Innovators

The use of new technology, experimentation with variations on traditional zinc chromate compounds (particularly working towards using less toxic alternatives), and cutting-edge solutions to common problems which affect the plating process, are all signs that a zinc chromate plating company is a dynamic organization which takes its operations seriously. Work in partnership with a business dedicated to providing the very best plating process and can demonstrate a significant track record. If the zinc chromate plating company work strives to improve their standards in order to create positive change, you are better ensured of a premium service.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Like many other industrial processes, zinc chromate plating is subject to an internationally recognized set of industry standard specifications. Select a company who regularly tests its ways of working against the most rigorously defined requirements and which operates in an environment of continuous improvement. All necessary certifications must also be up to date. In addition to demonstrating compliance with industry standards, there should also be evidence that the organization operates in a manner which complies with all relevant health and safety legislation, ensuring the wellbeing of employees and clients alike.

Able to Meet Your Needs

A high-caliber zinc chromate plating company should have the necessary expertise to tailor their products and processes to meet the most specific requirements. If you have a highly specialized job or have unusual specifications when it comes to plating thickness or composition, then your chosen company must be able to deliver a result which is suitable.

Choosing an organization with the right background, skill sets, and attitude allows your business to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership which should result in the production of well-finished components that demonstrate flawless performance and exceptional longevity.

Well-established zinc chromate plating companies, like DeKalb Metal Finishing, can demonstrate plenty of experience in customizing their production to meet needs and ensure your product is finished precisely how and when you want.

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