If You’ve Been Hurt On The Job, You Need To Talk To A Worker’s Compensation Attorney In Florence KY

Worker’s Compensation law is complicated. The premise is simple: pay the injured worker’s medical bills and a weekly cash benefit. Unfortunately, in practice the Worker’s Compensation system puts the injured worker at a real disadvantage. The best way to overcome this is to hire a workers compensation attorney in Florence KY. Otherwise, all of the experience and knowledge of how the system works is on the insurance company’s side.

Here are some common questions that injured workers often have.

Q. Does Worker’s Compensation cover all disabilities?

A. No. The disability must have been caused by an accidental on-the-job injury or by an occupational disease.

Q. What happens if no claim is filed?

A. The right to all medical care and benefits may be lost.

Q. If there is no claim for cash benefits, will the medical expenses still be paid?

A. Yes. Even if no time is lost from work, medical expenses will be paid, regardless of no claim for cash benefits.

Q. If I cannot work at all for a while, will my whole salary be paid?

A. No. Temporary total disability will compensate the worker for two-thirds of the average weekly pay.

Q. Can I go to my own doctor?

A. You will have to see one of the doctors on the list on Worker’s Comp doctors at your employer’s office for the first 90 days. If a specialist is needed for an injury that cannot be treated by one of the approved physicians, a request must be made for specialist services over $1,000.

Q. Will prescriptions be covered?

A. Yes. There are rules specifically covering the process. The prescriptions may have to be obtained from a specific pharmacy.

Q. What is the IME?

A. The insurance company has the right to request the worker to have an Independent Medical Exam. This doctor is paid by the insurance company, creating an inherent conflict of interest. This doctor has a great deal of influence on the outcome of the claim, including deciding the degree of disability. Before attending this exam, it would be a good idea to talk to a lawyer.

David M. Blank is an experienced workers compensation attorney in Florence KY. He understand the Worker’s Comp system and how to assist an injured worker in getting the medical help and benefits they need. Contact him to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your Worker’s Compensation claim.

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