Wrongful Death Indianapolis, IN

A family of someone who died due to someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence may decide to pursue a Wrongful death Indianapolis IN suit by hiring an attorney. Sometimes, no matter how extensive the safety procedures were, or how careful everyone was, someone can die. In other cases, though, once an attorney conducts a thorough investigation, it may be found that this was a case of a wrongful death and not simply an accident despite the utmost precautions.

Wrongful death Indianapolis IN cases may involve deaths from traffic accidents, from surgical malpractice, from other medical malpractice, from construction site accidents, other workplace accidents or accidents while performing job duties, from product liability, or from premises liability.

It can be very time consuming to pursue a wrongful death Indianapoliscase. The investigation part alone, before any litigation starts, is expensive. Just gathering medical records takes time, and time costs money, but the records themselves can be expensive, going into hundreds of dollars in fees that facilities can and do charge in order to copy medical records and release them.

The attorney may need to interview witnesses, and some of those witnesses may include not just those who witnessed either the accident or the conditions beforehand that could have contributed to the accident. The attorney may interview expert witnesses, such as experts in engineering or construction who can help prove that a construction site was not following safety procedures, or that a building or elevator or other part of a building that someone was in was not constructed properly. Expert witnesses may be needed to reconstruct auto accident scenes to prove the other party was at fault.

Medical experts are needed to discover errors in a medical diagnosis or errors in the patient’s treatment. These witnesses may charge hundreds of dollars an hour to go over someone’s medical records, to prepare their testimony, and to travel to appear in court to testify.

These factors and others may make pursuing a wrongful death Indianapolis IN case very expensive. For that reason, attorneys who handle wrongful death cases are willing to meet wiht families at no charge to listen to their story and see if they may have a legitimate case. If so, the attorneys usually charge nothing unless they win for the client, and then they take their fee out of the money coming to the family.