Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney in Springfield, MA

Sexual harassment is identified as unwanted verbal or physical encroachments by a co-worker, an employer, a representative of an employer, and sometimes a non-employee in the workplace. The harassment can be both direct and indirect contact of the negative actions of an aggressor. If the aggressive conduct of the person was encouraged, or even welcome at times, it is not harassment. Sexual harassment must be unwanted aggression. Personal intimacy between workers, or between bosses and employees, is not considered sexual harassment. This type of contact is considered consensual affairs.

If a person feels they have been the target of sexual harassment, they should consider contacting a Sexual Harassment Attorney in Springfield, MA and filing a complaint with the company’s human resources department. By federal law, workplace sexual harassment is illegal. It is important that the person be able to notate specific incidents with date and time, words that were spoken or actions that were involved, and any witnesses to the incidents. Thorough and precise documentation is very helpful if the victim decides to pursue legal action against his or her harasser.

Both female and male employees can experience sexual harassment in the workplace, and both are protected under state and federal laws. The Title VII Civil rights Act of 1964 applies to a company that staffs 15 or more employees. State anti-discrimination laws usually apply to employers with smaller companies. Not every state has protections against same sex harassment, but federal law prohibits both same sex and opposite sex harassment. A Sexual Harassment Attorney in Springfield, MA can examine a victim’s complaint and discuss their options with them.

Sexual harassment is a personal experience, and legal action in these situations are most successful when the victim is able to show a clear pattern of harassment with thorough and exact documentation, along with the steps that were taken to stop the harassment, or alert the correct authorities of the incidents. Company employers are responsible to prevent harassment and lawsuits will bring penalties to both the employer for preventing the situation and to the harasser for their actions. It strengthens the case significantly when the victim has filed complaints in direct accordance with the company’s harassment policy and procedures. If you think you are being sexually harassed at work, contact The Law Office Of Michael O. Shea P.C.

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