Workers Compensation Attorney Manages a Quick Denial or a Low Payout

Employees have a basic understanding of what worker’s compensation provides. They rarely think about it much further, unless they are drastically injured on the job. It is rare for people to reach out to a Workers compensation attorney if they are not quickly approved for worker’s compensation. What brings people to the steps of the law firm is not to make a worker’s compensation claim, but to get one accomplished and settled after denial. What happens if the worker’s comp is denied?

It is possible for an employee to reopen the case or to provide more information to the insurance company with no legal representation. The insurance company may provide an upfront denial of the terms. Assumedly, the insurance company expects individual to lay down or to pursue legal action. Some individuals will actually try to reopen the case on their own terms, and this is not recommended. At this point in the proceedings, the insurance company has an overwhelming upper hand. They can request items such as a tape recording of the incident or additional paperwork documentation from the hospital. These are legal if the injured signs off on it. Both of these things can come back to hurt or weaken a case. It is rare for a case to be reopened and followed through successfully without the presence of a Workers compensation attorney.

The quick approval of worker’s compensation may not be the best thing. Firstly, worker’s compensation is divided into various benefits packages and details. It may include daily wage, Social Security disability, and medical. There are also rehabilitation concerns that could be relevant to the case. The insurance company should be provided that information. Though sometimes they omit it or do not cover for it. The insurance company may approve the worker’s compensation, but the amount may be much lower than expected or even needed. This is another reason people pursue a lawyer in a worker’s compensation case. The insurance company is willing to pay out an amount that they think is fair. Unfortunately, the amount did not account for all the variables of an injury.

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