Woodwick Trilogy Candles Can Transport You to Your Dream Land

If you are passionate about spring, then right now is when you should purchase new candles to freshen your home. There is nothing quite as nice as lighting your favorite candle and settling in for a movie.

Trilogy Candles

This spring, consider Woodwick Trilogy candles. The Trilogy candle blends colorful wax and different fragrances into a beautiful candle. Each layer of wax contains a different scent. As the candle burns, each layer will melt and the color and fragrance will fall to the layer below. This will create a whole new fragrance for you to enjoy.


Since the fragrances of Woodwick Trilogy candles come in threes, there are many options for you to choose from. Vanilla bean, caramel, and biscotti will make your home smell like you are baking. The intense, rich scent smells just like you have taken a cake out of the oven.

The cinnamon chai, ground cinnamon, and spiced rum are heavenly scented! These combinations allow you to sit back and savor their rich aroma.

If you are ready for a get-away, the Nautical Escape with tropical oasis, sand, and driftwood will have you dreaming you are at the beach.

Woodwick candles come in many different scents. The available scents depend on the season. WoodWick Trilogy candles burn longer than other candles. In addition, the Woodwick candles have a wooden wick which crackle when they burn.

Long Lasting

WoodWick Trilogy candles are manufactured using soy wax which is nontoxic and allows the candles to burn at a lower temperature. It is not unusual to get 100+ hours out of one WoodWick Trilogy candle.

WoodWick Trilogy candles are beautifully held in a glass jar that fits almost any decor. WoodWick Trilogy candles are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom.

WoodWick Trilogy candles make great gifts for anyone who loves candles.

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