Why You Would Need Crane Service in Minneapolis, MN

Often in the construction industry, heavy equipment must be moved around or lifted, especially in the construction of a tall building. At such times, construction workers will need to use a crane to get some of the work done in order to safely get the structure erected.

A construction equipment company provides Crane Service in Minneapolis MN for construction projects and other industrial purposes. Here are some of the different types of cranes that are used and what purpose they serve.

Different Types of Cranes and Their Purposes

Cranes are used to move materials and equipment that weigh a ton or more and can lift these materials up as high as 800 meters when necessary. The two important designs of cranes are their lifting ability and their stability, both of which are needed to safely move heavy objects from one place to another. The tower crane is perhaps the most popular and one that people identify with when they are driving by the construction sites of large high-rise buildings and apartments. This crane has the ability to lift up to 20 tons and will reach up to 265 feet easily.

More Types of Cranes and Their Purposes

There are cranes known as vehicle-mounted cranes, which are cranes that can be moved easily on the open highway and from site to site. This type of crane uses outriggers to stabilize it before using it. Another type of crane is the rough terrain crane, which is a crane that has rubber tires for easier mobility on rough surfaces. It is also stabilized by an outrigger. A special kind of crane is called the sky crane, which is a helicopter used to lift loads that are extremely heavy.

Using a Crane Service in Minnesota

Customers living in Minnesota who are in need of a crane to do heavy work can find equipment companies on the Internet. Sharrow Lifting Products is an equipment company that provides crane services for customers living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the surrounding areas. If a customer needs Crane Service Minneapolis MN, the company is available. Browse Website at sharrowlifting.com to get more information.

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