Why Teeth Whitening Works Better When Performed By A Dentist In Katy Instead Of A Store-Bought Kit

by | May 11, 2015 | Dentistry

If maintaining a bright and beautiful smile is important to you, you need to know that you’re not alone. Many people want their teeth to stay white, but that can be difficult to do -; especially if you use tobacco, take certain prescription medications, or enjoy dark-colored foods and beverages often. If your teeth have become stained or yellow, you may be considering purchasing a teeth whitening kit from your local grocery store. While some people claim that they have found these do-it-yourself kits helpful, here are a few reasons to visit your dentist for teeth whitening instead:

  *      Not every patient is a good candidate for teeth whitening. If you have severe gum disease or advanced enamel loss, your

  *      Dentist In Katy may suggest that you take care of these problems first or suggest another solution altogether. In this way, visiting your dentist for professional teeth whitening services instead of relying on a store-bought kit can help keep you from damaging your teeth and may actually help you achieve better oral health. Click here for more details about the professional dentists in Katy.

  *      For most patients, professional teeth whitening simply works better than the results you’ll get from any store-bought kit. Your dentist will have access to a better and stronger whitening solution than what you would be able to find on the shelves at your local grocery store, which means professional teeth whitening will be much better for lifting stains from your teeth. In addition, your dentist can make use of a special lamp that will accelerate the whitening process and produce significant results in a much shorter time frame.

  *      The teeth whitening results that you get from a Dentist In Katy will generally come much quicker than those you can get from a store-bought teeth whitening kit, especially if they are able to use a lamp to speed up your results. When it comes to teeth whitening, getting quick results means keeping more money in your pocket since you won’t have to spend money on kit, after kit for months on end in order to achieve significant results.

Having your teeth whitened by a professional not only reduces your chances of damaging your smile or experiencing severe pain, but it can also yield much better results than any do-it-yourself whitening kit. If you’re seeking a brighter smile, log on to Texasgentledental.com today to learn more about how professional teeth whitening can boost both your smile and your self-confidence.

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