Why Should You Buy Cigars?

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Cigar Shop

There are many different tobacco products on the market. You’re probably quite familiar with the most common ones: cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and hookah. However, there is one tobacco product whose dedicated fans will defend it to the end—the cigar. Cigars have been popular for a long time—longer than cigarettes, in fact. They have intrigued many people all over the world. Chances are, you’ve felt convinced to buy cigars yourself. You wouldn’t be alone!

Many people want to buy cigars, but not for the same reasons they want to buy cigarettes. Why is this? They’re both tobacco products, and they both contain nicotine. However, they differ immensely. You can think of the cigar as the “wine” of the tobacco world. It is unique and sophisticated, and its creation is considered a form of art. Other tobacco products, such as cigarettes, are a little more like beer—they’re cheaper, easier to produce, and lack the elegant air that comes with wine (or, in this case, cigars).

The History of the Cigar

The term cigar is based off of two terms: the Mayan word, sicar (the act of smoking tobacco that has been rolled in leaves), and the Spanish word, cigarro. Supposedly, while on their famous journey, Christopher Columbus and his sailors picked up these terms when they witnessed Cubans smoking tobacco wrapped in leaves. When Columbus returned to Europe, he introduced this primitive cigar. As a result, many Europeans started to make and buy cigars for themselves.

As tobacco made its way around Europe, its popularity increased. People found better ways to grow it, which led to high-quality cigars in a variety of flavors. By the time the 19th century arrived, cigar smoking was more popular than ever before. Cigarette smoking, however, was surprisingly uncommon. Today, this is no longer true, but cigars maintain a unique blend of elegance and tradition unmatched by any other tobacco product.

The Flavors of the Cigar

A cigar aficionado will always encourage you to buy cigars because of their unique flavoring. Creating the flavor of each cigar is considered an art form because it depends on many factors: where the tobacco is grown, what is found in the soil, which leaves are used, how long the leaves age, how they are rolled, what they’re blended with, and how long the cigar itself is allowed to age. A cigar can taste like cedar, chocolate, pear, hazelnut, caramel, cayenne pepper, or even coffee!

The Elegance of the Cigar

The cigar, with its interesting history and delicious flavoring, has become a part of tradition for many people. Fine cigars are often smoked to celebrate joyous occasions such as weddings, engagements, or the birth of a child. Many cigar aficionados will tell you that smoking an excellent cigar is cause for celebration itself. Can cigarette smokers say that? It’s not likely!

As you can see, there are many reasons to buy cigars. If you want to enjoy a tobacco product that embodies elegance, craftsmanship, and flavor, the cigar is the product for you.

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