Why Selling Life Insurance in Peoria is the Right Career Move?

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Insurance Agency

If you’re looking for a career change, consider pursuing a life insurance agent career in Peoria, AZ. In this type of career, you’ll have daily opportunities to get out of the office and meet more people in your community. You’ll also have the benefit of knowing your work helps people look out for the financial future of their loved ones. Additionally, there are several career-related benefits you’ll enjoy as a licensed agent.

Terrific Job Outlook

Everyone needs life insurance, and many people choose to use their life insurance policies to help them build financial assets. Additionally, it’s easy to get into this line of work. While Arizona does require a license to work as a life insurance agent, obtaining your valid certification is fairly simple. There are plenty of low-cost programs to help you prepare for the licensing exam. This means you can start working almost immediately.

Long-Term Earnings Potential

Rather than earning a traditional salary, you’ll work for a commission. This means there’s no cap on the number of life insurance agent job openings in the market. It also means you’ll earn a percentage of every policy you sell. On top of the initial commission, you’ll receive commissions on your clients’ policy renewals. As long as your clients keep renewing their policies, you’ll continue earning commissions.

Greater Independence

Even though you will have an employer as you pursue a life insurance agent career in Peoria, AZ, you’ll have plenty of freedom. As long as you meet your quarterly goals, you can keep your own schedule. When you are working, you’ll spend most of your time out of the office. As an agent, you’ll essentially run your own business but maintain the support and backing of the firm for which you work.

Additionally, you’ll find that selling life insurance and helping people protect their families is a personally rewarding experience.

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