Why Contractors Equipment Rental Is More Advantageous Than Buying

For contractors, equipment rental is a growing trend. According to the latest statistics from the American Rental Association’s (ARA), a five-year forecast finds the market for renting a growing one. The generally improved housing market is one factor in this trend. From Orange County to Barnstable, New England, the move is toward increased rentals of construction equipment. Yet, before renting, contractors and construction companies need to consider why this is more advantageous than buying.

Basic Benefits of Rental Construction Equipment

Some companies become apprehensive when they consider purchasing large construction equipment; others find it difficult to look at renting. However, for those in Orange County who have studied this situation, many support rentals over purchasing. They do so for any of the several reasons listed below:

 * Economic: This is the major reason construction companies will rent and not purchase. They cannot afford the cost. Moreover, rental costs are a business expense the company can deduct immediately

 * Specialty or One-Off Jobs: Some jobs require a special piece of equipment or something you never use regularly. Rentals handle this and do not burden you with machinery you may never use again.

 * New Technology: You do not have to worry about falling behind. For many contractors equipment rental allows them to maintain apace with the latest technology.

 * Storage and Maintenance: Renting removes the burden of storing equipment and ensuring the proper maintenance occurs during both usage and storage. This saves your company time and money. It also reduces any potential incidences of down time from poor or inadequate maintenance.

Contractors Equipment Rental

Renting equipment is a growing market. For contractors, equipment rental provides a solution for many issues. In Orange County, the increase in this area results from the advantages this can bring. From decreased costs to lowered maintenance issues and the latest technological advancements, renting offers construction companies and contractors definite benefits.

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