Why Car Insurance In Honey Brook Is Necessary

Pennsylvania requires all vehicle owners to possess at least liability and no-fault insurance. Further restrictions apply if the vehicle is financed through a lender. With financing, borrowers are required to maintain full coverage. The laws that govern automobile insurance requirements dictate how non-compliant drivers are penalized. To learn more about Car Insurance in Honey Brook requirements, you should contact your preferred carrier immediately.

Why Insurance is Necessary

Car Insurance in Honey Brook must meet state-wide requirements. These requirements stipulate that all drivers should possess at least $15,000 per injury with a maximum of $30,000 in coverage for all injuries sustained. The drivers must possess at least $5,000 worth of property damage coverage through their chosen liability policy. In addition to this requirement, they should possess at least $5,000 worth of coverage for medical expenses through a no-fault insurance policy as outlined in Pennsylvania’s financial responsibility laws.

It is advisable for all drivers to explore their options in terms of tort coverage. With limited tort coverage, the victim has the right to sue the at-fault driver for medical costs only. Full tort offers unlimited rights to file a lawsuit and includes medical costs as well as pain and suffering. If the vehicle owner purchases limited tort, they cannot sue for pain and suffering unless the court deems their injuries severely detrimental.
An alternative to Car Insurance in Honey Brook is a bond or savings account which provides $35,000 worth of coverage. The vehicle owner should provide information about this bond or account to the DMV when they register their vehicle. New laws stipulate that the vehicle owner should present proof of insurance when they are registering a new vehicle or acquiring a tag renewal. If they cannot provide proof of insurance or if their policy is canceled, they may suffer penalties.

As outlined in Pennsylvania laws, all drivers who do not purchase Car Insurance in Honey Brook are subject to penalties. If law enforcement stops the driver and discovers that they do not comply with these laws, the driver will receive a minimum fine of $300. Their driver’s license and registration is suspended based on the number of previous violations. To ensure compliance with these laws, you should contact your preferred carrier and purchase insurance today.

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