Why Beneficial Soil Microbes can Help You Increase Your Yield

If you’ve been looking to increase your crop yield, chances are you’ve considered using beneficial soil microbes. However, like most farmers who are new to the use of soil microbes, you may have wondered if these “extra microorganisms” are any good.

Here’re the main reasons why the soil microbes are important for your plants.

They Increase Nutrient Uptake

If you want your plants to grow faster, it makes sense to find a method that increases the rate at which the plants receive the nutrients from the soil. Luckily, the beneficial soil microbes usually release specialized proteins known as extracellular enzymes that increase the plants’ nutrient uptake, leading to faster growth and development.

They Increase Nutrient Availability

As a farmer, you can also boost the growth of your plants by increasing the availability of nutrients to your plants. Soil microbes can help you achieve this by secreting organic acid compounds that facilitate the exchange of ions in the soil. This ensures macro elements like Phosphorus are readily available for the plants.

They Boost Root Formation

With a good dose of the soil microbes, your plants’ roots and shoots can form faster, leading to faster plant growth. The microbes do this by producing hormones known as auxins and gibberellins.

Contact the Professionals for More Details

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