Why Are More People Using Urgent Care in Cincinnati, OH?

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Health Care

When someone comes up with a cough, a cold, or even an injury, a family doctor isn’t the first person he or she calls. Instead more people are starting to make their way to the local Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH. But why the increase in urgent care instead of a family medical practitioner or the emergency room?

Difficulty Getting in For an Appointment

Men, women, and children that do have a family doctor often can’t get in to see him or her in a reasonable amount of time. Someone falls ill and calls for an appointment only to find that it will take several days to see a medical practitioner. In some situations, people can’t wait that long. They need assistance within the next day or two. At Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH, a person can walk in and be assured that they will see a doctor and be taken care of that very day.

Extended Emergency Room Wait Times

If a family doctor isn’t available, the emergency room seems like the next best option. There is no doubt that a person will be seen within the day. But the amount of time that a person waits can be extensive. It isn’t unusual for someone to sit in a waiting room for several hours just to see the triage nurse. Then, he or she heads back to the waiting room to be called back to see the doctor. The waiting can just make the problem even worse. Urgent care centers tend to have lower wait times, adding to their convenience.

Emergency Room Costs are Considerable

Have you ever received a bill from an emergency room? There is no doubt that you are going to pay a lot of money to see a doctor. So after waiting several hours, you get in and get the attention that you need. But a few weeks later, a bill comes in the mail and it can really shake up your budget! Urgent care visits cost much less and patients are able to receive almost identical services and care.

If you aren’t feeling well and you know that your family doctor or the emergency room are out of the question, Click here for more information on a local urgent care.

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