Who Attends Archery Classes?

Archery Classes are generally taken by those who wish to learn recreational archery or hunting. Recreational archery includes target shooting and those who may just be looking to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow (or those who wish to improve upon existing skills). Hunting with archery can be done with a compound, recurve, or crossbow.


Hunting is a great reason to go out and learn archery. Deer hunting is one of the best and most popular activities with a bow. It can be very rewarding, but it requires patience. These days some people view the only essential hunting is to track down the best bargains in the meat section at the market. That is not always the case. Hunting with a bow can provide over 150 pounds of meat which can literally provide months of food to a family without having to visit a super market! A crossbow and compound bow are great tools for getting the tools you need. An archery school will be able to properly aim at moving targets which will help you reap more rewards in hunting.


In warfare, the bow and arrow was the main weapon of choice when wishing to avoid close hand to hand combat. However, the advent of guns and other firearms lead to the end of archers as a main constituent of armies. Guns replaced bows because they were easier to operate and could reach longer distances. Most Archery Classes these days are teaching people warfare for that reason!.

A Non-Essential Reason To Shoot Arrows

The prime reason today for attending Archery Classes is a sporting one. It is debateable whether today’s workforce works harder than yesterday’s but it is indisputable that people have more leisure time now than they did in the past. There are the couch potatoes who spend this spare time doing nothing much in particular. Then, there are the more active amongst us who take up any number of sporting activities.

Some sports demand extreme fitness levels and the main aim is to defeat as many opponents as possible. Other sports are not so strenuous and the satisfaction comes more from doing them well – in a way, one competes against oneself. Golf and archery could be said to fall into this category.

Although archery is an Olympic sport and, as such highly competitive, there is still room in archery for basic individual satisfaction and the feeling of wellbeing that comes from improving one’s own performance. Attending Archery Classes not only gives you a good introduction to the sport; it also helps your continuing improvement.

If you wish to take up the bow and arrow, the best way to start is to enroll in Archery Classes provided by Archery PRO. They hold classes from entry level to advanced and operate nationwide.

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