When You Should See a Throat Doctor in Fort Myers

From tonsillitis to swimmer’s ear, an ENT specialist, or otolaryngologist, can help to treat any condition of your ears, your nose or your throat. Otolaryngology is a specialty in medicine that deals with any conditions affecting the ears, nose or throat. If you experience any type of problem in these areas, seeking the help of a throat doctor in Fort Myers may help you to find the underlying issue and the appropriate treatment.

Service Areas of an ENT


You may need the services of an ENT if you have a hearing impairment, tinnitus, ear infections or chronic pain in your ear. These professionals also treat any congenital disorders that may be present in your ear, which are disorders that you have had since birth.


An ENT also provides management and treatment for any issues that affect the sinuses, nasal cavity or nose. These issues may affect your ability to breath and smell normally and may actually alter a person’s physical appearance.


You can also visit a throat doctor in Fort Myers for conditions or disorder that may affect the throat, which can in turn also affect a person’s digestion, swallowing, eating, singing and speech abilities. These type of medical specialists can help to diagnose and then treat and manage these types of issues.

These doctors will also provide service for any neck or head related conditions. They have received education to manage any deformities of the face, neck and head, and trauma, tumors or diseases that may be present, as well. The treatments that are designed for these issues can include anything from minor treatment and medication, to complete reconstructive or cosmetic surgery for the problem area. They also work to manage any problems that are present with a person’s nerves in their neck or head that are responsible for controlling facial movements, hearing, smelling and sight.

You may choose to seek the services of an ENT professional on your own, or be referred to their services by your general practitioner. Either way, these medical specialists offer customized treatment and management plans for any issue that may happen in your ears, nose or your throat.

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